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Learn Three Different Methods to Scan, Copy, and Print Using Nokia Mobiles


One of the functions I most use on my Nokia N85 is the scanning applications, every time I have to copy something I just take a picture of it; thats why I have my gallery full of pictures of napkins with phone numbers, assignments on boards and full text docs. After getting used to use the scanning capabilities of your Nokia device (which are hidden because there are not official apps to do that) you will find life is easier! Since I started using my Nokia to ”scan” thing, I no longer have lost  notes or phone numbers etc..  Besides taking a picture is way more easy to do than finding a pen, paper and copying. Since I frequently use scanning on my phone,  I have found three different ways to do it; I use all three daily because each one fits and serves a specific purpose better than any of the other two.

1) Simple Pic

This is the easiest of the three, it is basically taking a picture with your Nokia mobile. Works very well while on a rush and for info you will need only for yourself since the result is not that neat. To use it you just need to open your camera and in modes select ”Close Up Mode” and then just take a pic, this will only work if your phone has Auto-Focus, if you don’t the result will be a bit blurry but still will work.


2) Using Qipit

This method is probably the best one, it produces outstanding results and can be easily compared to the result of a full featured scanner. With Qipit you can get high quality Color and Black & White copies for free. This works basically as method number 1, the difference is that later you send the pic via email and Qipit processes it and converts it into a much nicer and optimized PDF. Here is what you need to do too start using Qipit:

First SignUp for Qipit (Free) here: SignUp . When you finished signing up you can send pictures vie email to ”copy@qipit.com” for Black & White copies and ”color@qipit.com” for full color copies, it only takes a couple of secs for Qipit to process the pic and return it to your Nokia mobile as a PDF file. Here is the picture above after processing:


3) Download and Install Nokia Multiscanner OCR (Optical Character Recognition) for Nokia devices.

This method is kind of tricky and under heavy beta testing, I still recommend it but I rely on method #1 and 2 better. The good part here is that with this OCR Software for Nokia devices you can edit the document after you scanned it, note that it only scans printed documents.  Basically you scan the text document, your Nokia mobile will process it for a few secs and it will recognize the characters and create a text documennt which you can edit. It works pretty well but the lightning conditions have to be very well for it to work properly and recognize the characters accurately.  I was very impressed the first time I used it because it got the full text OK, it is a very cool app that with firther improvements will add lots of functionality to Nokia phones. To use OCR Software for Nokia phones just download here and install: nokia-ocr-software


  • Jorge

    Qipit is closing! =(

    • edward

      Ohh those are really bad news!

  • Stravy

    Nokia OCR, does it work with S40 phones like C3-01