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Leaked Nokia Roadmap Reveals N9, E7, X7 and a New Series

Everyone has been waiting for what apparently will be the real flagship of Nokia, the Nokia N9. This is supposed to be a MeeGo phone and have the most advanced and complete feature sheet of the whole line. This is confirmed by the ”house” that leaked some days ago, it is like a roadmap in the form of a house where the high-end sits at the top and the low-end is at the base of the house. At the top of the house is the Nokia N9! But what is intriguing is that at the chimney of the house is the Sseries, which by the way sounds weird because of the double S.

Via: Engadget

This segment is supposed to be reserved for devices that ”don’t fit anywhere in the line” so this will be devices that won’t be Nseries multimedia computers, Xseries music devices, Cseries mid-end smartphones or Eseries business devices. My take is that this will be a new segment for devices like the 8800 Sirocco and the 8600 Luna, I think Nokia will take again on this type of handsets that are pure luxury devices at a high price, without necessarily offering features, but rather a high-end design and expensive materials. There are some people that say that the Sseries could be for tablet computers, but I am very sure this will be in the Nseries like the N800, N810 etc… Not to mention that the N9 is most likely to be a tablet-phone hybrid. Below is what the N9 might look like, the ultimate all in one device. Thanks to MyNokiaBlog for the pic!