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Latest Nokia N-Gage Game: Ducati Moto

The Nokia N-Gage platform just got better with the latest addition, Ducati Moto. The new N-Gage game was just announced by Nokia, being the first game in its kind after past 4-wheeler racing games already available on the N-Gage platform.

ducatimoto_Title Logo_v02_1_3

Ducati Moto is an awesome game in which you can race the amazing and exotic Italian Superbikes on even more exotic places. Ducati Moto includes fifteen tracks on places like Morocco and Amalfi,  and of course plenty of cool Ducatis to choose from.

Ducati Moto will be available soon at the N-Gage app on your N-Gage compatible game. Just remember to check the showroom on the N-Gage app and of course NMB for more cool updates like the exclusive screenshot below.

  • Masoui


  • samirkarawia

    iwont free games for nokia 5800

  • addictedtohardstyle

    this game looks AWSOME! where and when can i download it

  • Ishta_mohmed

    nice play

  • http://twitter.com/exbizsol exbizsol

    I have just tried this game. WOW. I love it