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Tutorial: How To Take Good Pictures With Mobile Phones | Lamborghini – Rolls Royce and the Nokia N85


03202009184Last week I had a little introductory class to the photography world, just a quick lesson on how to make pictures look interesting and set up the camera to do just that. And well, as a Nokia fan I had to give the camera of my N85 a real test and see what it is really capable of doing. First I just took some pictures of ”pedestrian” things around me, some paper clips,  power plugs etc… but then I decided to infiltrate on an  Exotic Car dealer and take some pictures of the Rolls Royce and Lamborghinis over there.  

 I managed to take some pictures of some pretty cool cars to show the capabilities of my Nokia N85, but before the Lamborghinis and Rools Royce, lets start with the pictures of normal stuff. Note that all the pics below were not processed, photoshoped or retouched to look better, they went straight from my N85 to this article.

To start I took a picture of some paper clips, you can’t get a less ordinary objective than that.  The first pic was taken with the Automatic settings of  the N85 and the second one with special settings. The first pic of the paper clips just looks horrible, but the second one looks completely amazing, I still can’t believe that the picture was taken with my N85! It really looks like a professional picture taken with a fancy SLR camera for an even fancy-er  magazine!

Then I took a pic of the Star Spangled Banner, unfortunately I was on the car and did not have time to take a pic on Automatic mode to show how it would be if I did not apply special settings. Again, the result is completely mind blowing and the photography power of the N85 is just growing and getting  more self evident. I am astonished because I never thought that my N85 could take a pic that everyone could say ”looks professional”.

This one is maybe my favorite pic I ever took with my N85, It looks completely amazing and I still can’t believe that my N85 took that pic. Anyone could say that this pic was taken with a pro SLR camera. The pic below also looks completely  mind blowing, I think it could work as an eco-friendly campaign to show that when some electrical device is plugged into the power, it is still using energy, and while something is not in use we should unplug it, just like my N85 tells me everyday when I pull off the charger.

After those amazing shots of normal elements we now will explore with more interesting objectives: expensive cars. As I previously said, I infiltrated inside a  car dealer and had the opportunity to take some shots and show the capabilities of my N85, the pics looks pretty amazing. First I took a couple of pics in automatic mode to show you how bad and boring they are, the car  in the pic is the Rolls Royce Phantom III and if you look closely you will find the car has a frigging umbrella inside the door! Fancy!

Now here are a couple of shots, the first picture has automatic settings which only work good outdoors, the rest of the pics I tweaked the settings of the N85. I think that Lamborghini could even buy some of this photos the N85 took!

As you can see the Nokia N85 takes REALLY good pictures, unfortunately, if you just open the shutter and start taking pictures they won’t come out right, interesting or even focused. I encourage you to start playing with the settings on your camera, just try till you get an interesting result. I also have to recognize that although the N85 takes really good pics, the automated settings really ”stink”, if I have a look  at my gallery all pics are horrible because they were shot with automatic settings. Conclusion is that Nokia should either include a photography manual on the box of imaging devices, or they should substantially improve the automatic settings on their phones. My N85 has a lot of potential as an imaging device but those capabilities are hidden, very well hidden because I needed to learn a little bit about digital photography to take nice pics with my Nokia device.


Here is my ”personal mode” settings on my N85, it produces a very cool Black&White effect and works pretty good in all lightning conditions to take amazing pictures:

Flash: OFF

White Balance: Fluorescent

Exposure Compensation: 2.0

Color Tone: Black & White

Light Sensivity: High

Sharpness: Soft

Contrast: Increased

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  • Jamma

    Love this article, and i’m surprised how well the photos from my N85 looks with those black and white settings you made

    Any chance you could add the info for the other settings modes you used, because i agree that the automatic is lackluster at best

    • edward

      Hi Jamma, I really just stood on site and tweaked the settings till the pic looks nice, but did you already grabbed the white and black settings?

  • geno

    I bought the new nokia 5530, because of many ressonse and the “good” camera as I read on the internet. I work as an accountant and as a hobby-photography and i don’t want the heavy pro camera every day, I wanted to make some pictures with my mobile phone,but it is terrible and even if I play for 5 minutes with the settings it makes no difference at all.Can you help?

    • edward

      You choose the wrong phone! You would have to buy a N86 or an N97 (N86 preferably), the 5530 is a terrible phone to take pics.

  • chris carlson

    All the pictures on this site were captured and modified using a mobile phone:

  • Bhavna

    Hi, I loved the setting you gave here for amazing black and white pictures, I’m using the same for my N97 the results are awesome, can you provide me with some information/setting to take good pictures in the night with mobile phone or may be some other site, which gives you a detail of all the setting to get good pictures with mobile phone. Is it possible to create the depth of field using mobile phone? oops too many questions btw loved your blog