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Join The Nokia S60 Ambassadors! Benefits and Cool Stuff!

Nokia usually has some pretty cool programs for us the users and fans, but the best program so far is the S60 Ambassadors.  And what is an S60 Ambassador you might ask? Well it is a very cool Nokia program that enables users to be S60 Ambassadors, an S60 Ambassador is a person who shares and tells other people about Nokia devices or services, for example if you often tell your friends why your S60 device is better than any other device because it has …. and also does …… etc.., you would be a pretty good Ambassador! An Ambassador basically talks about S60 to friends and family and then submits a report to the Ambassadors site telling how the talk was like, you get points for your reports and at the end of each campaign you can get very cool prizes.  There is also a report of the week contest in which the winner gets a loan Nokia device for 2 months, I had the E71 and N82 for two of my reports that made it to the report of the week. 

Today I received a very interesting packet from the S60 Ambassadors team, it was delivered 5 minutes ago by UPS and I was very curious about what was inside since I was not expecting anything, to my surprise it was a bag full of S60 goodies! The card inside said:

Happy Spring!

We were doing a little spring cleaning and had a bunch of extra swag in our closet. Rather than letting it just sit here and collect dust, we thhought we would like to thank our top US Ambassadors by sending you this little packet. Enjoy! If there is stuff you already have or don’t want, feel free to share it with family and friends.

Cheers, S60 Ambassadors Team

The packet had a lot of stuff, a 4GB card, a S60 USB fan, pens, notebooks, fridge magnets, tool to clean my phones and much more. Everything is in the picture above which you can click to have a closer look. So what are you waiting for? Join the S60 Ambassadors here: S60 Ambassadors