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Jawbone Jambox vs Nokia Play 360

The Play 360 vs. the Jambox: which one is a better speaker? Which one is louder? It’s not that simple, there’s plenty to say about these two bluetooth speakers. They are so different, yet they basically serve the same purpose.

The main difference between the Play 360 and the Jambox is that the Jambox is not only a speaker, while the Play 360 is exclusively a speaker. The Jambox offers other bells and whistles such as talking and giving the current status on battery and pairing, firmware updates and voice customization, and most importantly, the ability to serve as a conference phone with built-in mic. The Play 360 doesn’t offer any of this, you are left in the dark about battery level, there’s of course no inter-com capabilities, and Bluetooth pairing is done the old fashioned way unless you have a NFC device. The Play 360 is also bigger, yet lighter than the Jambox. The Play 360 pulls 20 hours of music on one charge, the Jambox only does 10.

The Jambox clearly offers some features the Play 360 lacks, but the Play 360 still has a big plus under its belt: the sound is amazing, about 30% louder and 30% deeper than whatever the Jambox can produce. The Play 360 has a subwoofer, while the Jambox doesn’t have one. This difference makes the Play 360 blow away the Jambox when it comes to bass and other deep sounds the Jambox just can’t produce. The Play 360 also projects the sound in 360 degrees, while the Jambox shoots in only one direction.

I had a talk with the Play 360’s Product Manager at Nokia World. I straight up asked why he didn’t add the inter-com feature to the Play 360 like the Jawbone Jambox. He said their goal was to make a product that excels at doing one thing; and, certainly the Play 360 is a better speaker than the Jambox.



  • http://www.facebook.com/etusivu Markus Ahonen

    Oh yeah – I checked your video for the audio test – nice! I wonder what the result will be if you test them while using the bluetooth connection against each other? The volume difference might be different. I haven’t tried it myself…

  • http://nokiamobileblog.com/ Edward U.

    The Jambox is more expensive; MSRP is 200 bucks, while I paid around 150 for the Play 360. I say it was a good call.

  • Samuelwan9

    Of Course it’s better than the Jambox