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iPhone 3Gs vs Nokia N97 | And a New Nokia N97 Ad

This month of the year is typically a very interesting one for mobile phone fans, a lot of announcements and a lot to choose from too! Apple announced the next generation iPhone, the 3Gs and Nokia launched the N97 to the US market practically at the same time. This is a total war, two of the greatest smartphones launched at the same time! 

And now that both manufacturers uncovered their cards, the customers must decide between the iPhone 3Gs and the Nokia N97. To start lets compare the price; the Nokia N97 costs $700 us at NokiaUSA or $600us at Amazon, the iPhone 3Gs costs $200 but you have to pay for the iPhone Data plan which is almost twice the Media Net plan the N97 can use, not to mention that if you signed a 2 year contract with the iPhone 3G then ATT will not be kind with you when upgrading to the iPhone 3Gs. Anyway, the price will vary a lot, if you are a previous customer or not with the iPhone 3G, or if you will use data with the N97 and buy it at Amazon or NokiaUSA. But in terms of specifications, how do they compare?


We won’t get very technical over here, we will just name a few things. First the camera, one of the main improvements of the iPhone 3Gs over the 3G is the 3.2 Megapixel camera with Auto-Focus and the ability to record VGA at 30 fps. On the other hand, the Nokia N97 has a 5 Megapixel camera with Dual-LED Flash, Carl-Zeiss Optics, Auto-Focus and of course the same capability to record VGA at 30 fps. Another thing added  to the iPhone 3Gs is the digital compass, which the N97 also has. Nothing else was added to the iPhone 3Gs, while the N97 has more and lots of functionality. Here I will list some of the things that the N97 has, that the iPhone 3G lacks:

Full Hardware QWERTY Keyboard, higher resolution screen, 32GB of Internal Memory plus MicroSD Slot for up to 48GB of memory, stereo speakers, flash enabled browser, UPnP Technology, capability to transfer and connect via Bluetooth, secondary camera, 132 hours more of stand-by battery life, FM Transmitter and FM Radio


The  fight is pretty obvious, the Nokia N97 has more features than the iPhone, but still the iPhone is more popular due to the strong campaigns that Apple runs, anyway, here is a video of the new Ad for he Nokia N97, which I hope gets on national TV just as iPhone ads are all over.

  • http://www.hiogi.de/tag/iphone Björn Behrendt ( hiogi )

    Nice comparison of the two phones and I fully agree. However why did Nokia not find a better technical supplier for the touch screen, which seems to work not so smoothly on the N97 and of course the usability of the iPhone is still much easier and smoother.

    • edward

      Well, I am about to receive my N97 so still can’t say anything about the touchscreen. What I do know is that it is resistive rather than capacitive like in the iPhone, but I like resistive, although less responsive, lets me use the N97 with gloves, stylus pens and everything in general

  • iPhonethenest

    iPhone is still the best the easiest and the fastest 3G smart phone

  • Haifa Mikati

    i will choose of course Nokia n97