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iPad Theme For Your Nokia Smartphone! Not That We Like It, But Looks Cool

In the launching date of the iPad I found myself in the famous crystal-box Mac Store in Manhattan’s 5th Street. Not that I had it planned, it was a total coincidence. Since the line wasn’t too long (there wasn’t a line apart from the usual crowd that visits the famous Mac Store) I decided to go and check out the iPad. When I first saw the gorgeous device I shouted to the person that came with me ”I am buying one dude!”  That is pretty remarkable since I am a strong critic of the iPad: another monthly bill, no multitasking, my Booklet 3G is more powerful and same as portable, etc… So how did Apple manage to transform me into a Mac fanboy in less than 10 seconds? Well, Apple knows exactly what they are doing, they completely get what customers want and manage to do what other companies can’t achieve even halfway through.

Continuing my story, as soon as I saw the *extremely* good looking iPad on the elegant store’s tables, together with all the aura of excitement surrounding the Apple Store, not to mention the effective marketing campaign all over Manhattan,  my values changed in a matter of miliseconds. I had my card literally in my hand ready to be swiped in those cool iPhones that Apple Store employees carry, even though I was convinced since Apple announced the iPad that it was a stupid product and I wouldn’t get one; I, anyway,  felt this impetus inside of me that wasn’t controllable.  Then I remembered I have a Nexus One in my pocket and an iPad would just double the functionality of it. Since now the conscience on my right shoulder was tied with the Apple devil on my left shoulder, I calmed myself so I wouldn’t do something regrettable. I proceeded to make the small line in order to play with the iPad and experience the product in my hands. I am not going to extend myself more on this, all I will say is that some apps on the iPad looked pixelated beyond usability, and nothing outstanding made me want the iPad more than when I entered the Store, apart from its outstanding Web Browser, intuitiveness, and good looks. Well, I didn’t buy the iPad, but is still an idea that comes to my mind -when this morning I saw a lady using one at my local cafe- or I see an iPad ad.

I got inspired, really, the objective of this post was to show you a cool iPad theme for your Nokia N97, X6, 5800 or whatever S60 5th Ed handset out there. I came across this theme thanks to AAS.

Although I know that $500 would be thrown in the trash, I still like the idea of the iPad, if money wasn’t a problem, I would sure buy one, in the mean time, this free theme will do. You can get it here: Nokialino