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Instagram for Windows Phone Rumored to Appear Soon

Instagram is a really popular app for iOS devices; it lets users share pictures modified with cool-looking filters. Instagram has 15 million users on that platform alone, and Apple’s “Best App of the Year” title. The rumors given by sources to Fast Company suggest that this much-hyped app could come to Windows Phone soon, in fact, ahead of the Instagram app for Android smartphones. The advantages of going Windows Phone rather than Android are clear: there’s no fragmentation, and hardware is similar across devices. These two factors would provide a better Instagram experience on Windows Phone. Android’s well-known problems would mean an inconsistent Instagram experience across devices.

Microsoft has poured millions of dollars on developers to bring exciting apps to Windows Phone. The rumors suggest that Microsoft is behind this, “lobbying” Instagram to bring an app to Windows Phone. Nokia would certainly benefit from this app, after all, Nokia has the best cameras on Windows Phone.

Could Instagram make Nokias the most hipster phones out there?

via SlashGear