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Hurry! Nokia 5800 for $329 – Nokia Super Store

nokia-5800-screenThe Nokia 5800 is available for just $329 on the Nokia Mobile Blog store. You can get the 5800 for this price here: Nokia  5800 Unlocked.

This is a very good price since I paid almost $400 when the 5800 first came out, todays price is $70 less!  The 5800 is Nokia’s first S60 Touch screen device, to refresh your memory, the 5800 packs: 3.2” touch screen, 3.2Megapixel camera, dual-flash, autofocus, WI-FI, GPS and much more. The 5800 is currently my favorite device, you can read our review here: Nokia 5800 Video Review before making the final decition, even tough this is a no-brainer!