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How Will Smartphones Look Like In The Future | Innovative Form Factors

nokia-morphTechnology is in consant change, smartphones will not look like smartphones in the next 10 years, how will they look like? Will they look like a tiny computer, like a smaller netbook maybe N97 style? I really hope they don’t look like that, it is just to obvious and there are more form factors that are still undiscovered, think of fancy flexible displays, think of nanotechnology. This latter one is being extensively researched by Nokia’s long run research department, they have talked about self-cleaning smartphones, flexible smartphones (not just screen but entire body) and many more crazy things such as transparent smartphones! I hope that smartphones in the future look like nothing we have seen so far, I would like to see a device that has so many form factors, the user can get to choose the aspect of the his phone.  

Anyway, here are some cool videos shared by the Symbian Foundation blog, enjoy and let your imagination fly!

Via: Symbian Foundation Blog