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How To Send Faxes: Use Your Nokia Mobile as a Fax!

Some days ago a company asked me to send a fax to them with some details, that was a problem for me because I did not have a fax. I was planing to go to a friend’s house and send the fax, but before doing that, I tried to send it with my Nokia phone, I remembered that at some point in the past I had seen a fax  app in one of my phones, however, after checking the N85 and 5800, I was not able to find that fax application I remembered about. 


I was convinced my Nokia phone could send a fax without a problem, and I was right! I found an application that lets you send faxes with any Nokia phone that has a camera, and  for free! The app is free to use and install, it is also very easy to use and  enables you to send a fax from your Nokia. Basically is an internet service, you take a picture with your phone, then the web service optimizes it and then it faxes it to any phone number you want.  Here are the instructions to use the app

First you need to sign up for a free account at Qipit, here is the link: SignUp. Just fill the details and complete the registration process, if you dont see your phone just select the N95. When you completed the registration process you are done! 

How to Fax a doc:

After the registration you can start faxing docs, just take a picture of the document you want to fax, use the Macro Mode if you phone has it, just select modes (in the camera app) and find Macro Mode. After you took the picture, send the picture in an email to  copy@qipit.com if you want it in Black&White or color@qipit.com if you want color, use the same email account that you used to register at Qipit.  After that, just go to Qipit.com from your device or PC and use the fax option.  Fill the details and Qipit will send the fax!


Compatible With: Nokia N97, N95, N93, N86, N85, N79, N78, N73, E71, E75, E55, E52, works better with phones with Auto Focus camera.



  • Chibcha

    Fax? Obsolete for me, but is always nice to have it available for those weird occasions. Nice tutorial btw

    • edward

      Yeah I never used a fax before this.

  • ThePianist

    Its cool, now I can send faxes, and scan documents, Qipit does that too.

    • edward

      Yeah, Qipit scans too, you can send it as email or print it

  • Rick

    Can u recieve faxes aswell?

    • edward

      Good question, but unnfortunately, not

  • romy

    One can not receive faxes on those phones and that is unfortunate. The Nokia 9300 could send and receive faxes… i still miss those, as a medic. I used to receive blood results of my patients directly on the phone. i dont know if there is any phone that can do that these days. These new phones hv so many features that i dont understand why this one is missing. In french it is said `qui peut le pkus peut le moins` ( He who can do so much can do so little) so i really dont get it fully….

  • atabak

    send faxes use your nokia mobile as a fax n97

  • Jorge

    Very useful, but I almost never send a fax, I have to send faxes to old people still in office, people who refuse to use an email, or don’t have one.

    I all the time take photos of documents edit them on the included photo editor on my nokia 5800 and send it via email to those interested. Not a single complain so far about quality. Even my coworkers ask me to “scan” their documents with my phone.

    I have a Nokia 5800

  • David Owen

    Firefox does not trust Qipit. Should I trust it?

  • Shriharikulkarni07

    Guys firefox is a waste i used both. awsome results from chrome. just ultimate chrome is.