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How To: Remove Your Contact Lenses With Your Nok | And Do Other Stuff

Nokia smartphones not only allow us to do complex things, like guiding us in an unknown city with GPS, they also allow us to do simpler but useful things that you could never imagine a smartphone could do! And I think I discovered a hidden talent on most of our Nokia phones, here is what happened.


Some days ago while I was watching TV, I was about to sleep when I remembered I had to take my contact lenses off. I got really lazy and definitively did not want to go to a mirror to take off my contact lenses, I then took my N93 from my pocket and checked the time. In that precise moment was when I thought maybe one of the best ideas I ever had, use my Nokia N93 to remove my contact lenses.

The trick is very simple, I guess some of you already got it, but I will explain anyway how this magical thing works. Just grab your phone, and depending on what type of model it is, open the camera > options > use secondary camera. Then just zoom in and you will have a clear picture of your eye, now you can remove your contact lenses! This trick works in most of Nokia phones that have a camera in the front part, however, some models even having the front camera can’t perform the trick. For example, the E71 can’t open the front camera, most of Nseries can though. I have tested it on the N85, N93 and 5800, it worked really well, also should work pretty well on the N97 which has a huge screen and can lay on a table with the screen looking towards you in ”laptop mode”.

So there you go, you can now remove your contact lenses with just your phone even if a mirror is not available. 

Nokia smartphones are wonderful, aren’t they?