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How To Keep Your N97 Looking Like New | And From Being Stolen

With now everyone receiving their N97s, we all now have to keep them looking like new since the N97 is everything but cheap. Right after I unboxed the Nokia N97, I thougth to myself: ”Now how will I keep this device looking like new?”  and from being stolen too since the N97 turns everyone’s heads in every place. So I have compiled a couple of ways to keep your Nokia N97 looking like new, and from being stolen too, so lets start!

How to keep your N97 looking like new:

There are many ways to keep your N97 looking like new, and I also have some theories that although not scientifically proven, have worked for me and kept my almost 8 Nokia handsets looking like new.

1.Holsters are very useful and they keep your N97  safe from almost everything. You can choose between a case with belt clip, or just a ”sock” to keep your N97 in your pocket. In my opinion, devices get scratched while stored (pocket, purse etc..) and not in your hand. Of course that if you drop your device because not paying attention, a case won’t save your device, unfortunately,  nothing can save your N97 from hitting the pavement. So conclusion is, you can get a nice holster for 8 bucks and keep your N97 in your belt, or inside the holster in your pocket and just be careful when using your device. I found a pretty nice holster for the N97:Holster for N97

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2. A screen protector is a must. Even though Nokia supposedly thought of the screen of the N97, it will scratch eventually. Fortunately, my N97 received a screen protector right after the unboxing, but my 5800 did not and today has a couple of hairlines that were either made by the stylus or my finger in some way. And the good thing is that screen protectors are very cheap now, I found one for just $5:Screen Protector for N97

3. Don’t clean your N97. Yes, I know that is not logical, and this is one of my theories. Some years ago I discovered that by cleaning constantly my devices with a cleaning cloth, they actually get more hairlines that when I did not. I know that when we all have a new device we keep cleaning it every five minutes, but don’t do it at all. My theory has worked for me, I think that when a device is constantly cleaned is gets more hairlines because of the friction, not to mention that the ”dirt” is actually an invisible protective layer.

4. Don’t expose your N97 to the sun, for example while having lunch outside don’t leave the screen of your N97 facing the sun, in fact don’t even expose your N97 to the sun, it will be better in your pocket. Same goes for cars and other similar scenarios.

5. Cover your device with something. This is another one of my theories, I used to place my devices on the night table overnight, I think that that resulted in my 5800 annd E71 getting dust under the screen. Now i just leave the cleaning cloth or something over the device.

So those are 5 tips to keep your Nokia N97 looking like new, now how to keep it safe?

How to keep your Nokia N97 safe

This is a though one, I remember my Nokia 9300 was pulled from my pocket in a crowded place some years ago. Since that I use holsters. Anyway, here is a pretty cool free Nokia N97 app that uses the sensor that turns the screen off while talking, to keep your N97 safe. You just turn the alarm on with the unlock key, and then place it in your pocket. When the sensor receives light, the alarm sounds. It works too when you leave your N97 in a table facing down and someone picks it up, the app is totally free! You can download it here: N97 Alarm thanks to SG

So there you go! A couple o tips to keep your N97 and looking like new too, if you have any other tip you might want to add, just leave it as a comment and we will add it to the list! Have fun with your N97, you can check also our collection of N97 apps,  N97 themes and N97 games


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    Thats a nice post. I just ordered mine yesterday and the first question i had after checking out the demo was how do i keep it this way ?

    Good luck with your n97 ! Which one did ya get ? Black or white ?