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Install Themes on Nokia Lumia Devices – How To

Windows Phone doesn’t support themes, it probably never will to keep things simple, but the developer community just came up with something that could serve well to many of you wanting to install themes and personalize a bit more your Nokia Lumia. The tool is in its first release, but it works remarkably well. The only downside is that you will have to set up your homescreen all over again; it will take you some time to come up with something close to what you had, but you should end up having exactly what you wanted if you are willing to invest some time. I gave the tool a try using my secondary Windows Phone, I did not want to take the risk with the Lumia 800 (which is Nokia’s). The tool works really well and seems safe, you only need to unlock your device beforehand. There’s two ways to do it: using Chevron Labs, or being a developer.

This seems like the beginning of a new chapter of Windows Phone hacking, the developer will be adding features to this tool in the near future to expand customization options. Also, you can make themes using this tool and then share them for other people to use; anyone willing to create some cool themes for fellow Nokia Lumia users out there? Grab the tool here: WPH