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How To: Fix Dead or Stuck Pixels in a Nokia Mobile Device

Only five days after receiving a Nokia 5800, it got a stuck pixel on the top edge of the screen. The problem is really frustrating and bothers me a lot, to see a white/black dot in the middle of any image. This happens often with LCD screens on mobile phones, it is generally a manufacturing defect but can also appear after using the device,  good news are, that most of the times it can be fixed. 

As soon as the 5800 got the stuck pixel on the edge of the screen, I started to look for solutions since I did not want to send the phone back to the retailer. The first step is knowing if you have a dead or stuck pixel, the dead pixel has no fix and  will stay like that, the stuck pixel does have a fix. Here is how to identify them:  if the pixel is showing white, it is stuck. If the pixel is showing black, it is dead. So if you have a white pixel you probably will get it to work again, if it is black it is definitively defective and is very probable it won’t work again.


The white stuck pixel on a Nokia handset can be fixed most of the times, for my 5800, it worked and now the pixel shows colors correctly. What I did was running a stuck pixel video several times, during 2 days. Thats right, the first time I ran the stuck pixel fixer it  did not do the trick, as well as the third and fifth. The trick is running the video 5 times and again 5 times the next day, after some time the pixel should fix itself. By now, 3 days after and 10 pixel fixer videos, my 5800’s screen has all of its pixels working. This method works for some people, unfortunately it does not work 100% of the times. Here is a pixel fixer video for you to try with your Nokia device, tell us if it worked!


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  • jun

    i hav same problem with u..i got white stuck pixel on my 5800’s screen
    btw,what’s the meaning of stuck pixel video? i’ll try fix it whit your solution.. thx (sorry 4 my bad english)

  • Guest

    doesn't work for me. I have Nokia 3720 Classic with 1 dead pixel – which can only be seen on black background… The pixel is white or green (I think it's green color) color. Anyway I play that video many times (more than hundred) during 2 days and nothing. The pixel wont work. What else should I do? Are there some programs which can fix that? Thanks anyway.

  • pondido

    this wicked method worked for me. like wow! i finally got that stuck pixel working back again in 26 days. thank you nokia mobile blog (:

  • Nithinrockzabc

    I have a blue spot not white or black what is the problem?

    am using nokia 5530…
    will the entire display got destroyed due to this problem ?