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How To: Find Good Deals On Latest Nokia Devices

You might think that I get all the latest Nokia devices for free -you can not imagine how I would like that to happen- but nope, I still have to buy my own phones for personal use. I do often own more than one device, is like a vicious circle: I keep selling and buying phones, and I like to buy them new, brand new and really cheap. I have come up with a few tactics to find good prices on the latest Nokia phones, it requires patience but eventually, you will find a good deal: like that 5530 I needed for a gift and just costed me $179us ($239us at NokiaUSA)

I have mainly two sites in which I find this good prices. My favorite, logicbuy.com. And then, Techbargains.com. If you type right now ”Nokia N900” at logicbuy, you will find there is a pretty good deal for this device at just $479us (expires Jan. 7th of 2010) Even better, three weeks ago you could find the N900 at logicbuy for just $450us! The other site, techbargains.com, has basically the same deals but sometimes you will find a deal there that logicbuy doesn’t show. Techbargains also has this useful feature where you can subscribe and they will send you an email when new deals are found for a determined item.

So there you go, two sites to find good deals on the latest Nokia phones. If you are after a specific phone, you will probably have to wait and keep checking back for a good deal. Let us know in a comment if you get something ridiculously cheap!