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How To: Enable Mix Radio on Nokia Music in the Lumia 800 in the U.S

If you have a Lumia 800 in the U.S, you probably have Nokia Music installed but you won’t get MixRadio. MixRadio brings professionally mixed radio stations for free to your Nokia Lumia. Well, all you have to do in order for MixRadio to show up, is setting your location to “UK” and then back again to “US.” Just head to settings > Region + Language > Set “System Locale” to United Kingdom, scroll back up and hit Save Settings, your phone will restart. Once it restarts you can open Nokia Music and start using Mix Radio. You can switch back to US though, it seems Nokia Music only checks once for the region. If you don’t have Nokia Music pre-installed, that’s a little bit of a problem. There are ways around that, but you won’t hear it from me ;)