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How To Change The Wallpaper Of The Nokia Booklet 3G | And More

As soon as I received my Nokia Booklet 3G I wanted to change the wallpaper. That horrible Windows icon was driving me insane. I searched the web for the coolest wallpaper ever to fit the HD display of my Booklet 3G. After founding the perfect one, I proceeded to put it. For my amazement, I couldn’t find the option anywhere to change the wallpaper of the Booklet 3G. Internet Explorer gave me the option to put an image as ”background” but nothing would happen. I thought to myself ”I must be the stupidest geek ever if I can’t change a simple wallpaper,” and I am! Not for that reason but because I didn’t realize the Booklet 3G comes with Windows 7 Starter Edition and that means users are doomed to see that wallpaper for the rest of their lives…

I am exaggerating, the wallpaper can be changed, only you have to pay $80us dollars – I would like that to be a joke -but is the reality. Basically, what the user has to do in order to change the wallpaper is upgrading to Windows 7 Home Premium Edition, which I did. I didn’t only upgrade because I hated the blue wallpaper, Windows 7 Home Premium Edition opens a new world of options on your Nokia Booklet 3G (being wallpaper change one of them). One thing that really made me pay those $80us was the secondary monitor support that Windows 7 Starter Ed lacks, and Windows 7 Home Premium has. I like to plug my Booklet 3G to a big HD screen and use an extended screen, two monitors; a thing I couldn’t do with Starter Ed. Other cool thing Win 7 Home Premium brought was the Aero Peek, which is a cool way to preview windows on the taskbar. Upgrading from Starter edition is really worth it, new features open up in the Booklet 3G when you upgrade.

Upgrading is really easy, just open the menu (Windos Logo Start) and search for ”Anytime Upgrade,” you will be able to update your Booklet 3G in less than 10 minutes to any other version of Win 7 (note that you can upgrade to even higher Windows 7 Versions, I just didn’t want to pay more)

I am sure that there are other free ways to tweak Starter Ed and change the wallpaper, I just didn’t want to break my brand new computer downloading unknown programs, plus, miss the functionality from higher Win7 versions.