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HOT!: New Nokia N97 Video Demo by Innovation Newsdesk!

The guys that designed the best smartphone, or should I say computer’ever, just posted a new demo of the upcoming Nokia N97. In this video we can see the wonderful Nokia N97 and how the User Interface will look like, I just have to say two words ”MIND BLOWING” the video and the N97 impress me and leave me totally expecting this device. I frankly can’t wait to get one of this beautiful devices, the N97 is just all I ever dream of. It has a wonderful design, it is a beautiful smartphone but on top brings functionality never ever previously seen on a phone… Just see the video!  I can’t wait for the N97 to hit the shelves!!  Now the question is? Which version to get? The Black or the Silver Grey?

[Via: Nseries Newsdesk]