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Harmattan Maemo Phone To Launch Q1 2011 | Rumor


The current operative system that Nokia uses for the internet tablets is called Maemo, but so far the good looking OS hasn’t been used on mobile phones nor was planned to, till now. TechCrunch got an insider that revealed that Nokia is working on a version of Maemo called Harmattan, this new OS will be used on mobile phones and has a particularity: it will use ads and location based ads right on the homescreen, for example, while near a shop, the phone will display ads from that shop.  Phones with Maemo Harmattan are supposed to start shipping Q1 of 2011, the only aspect that is unclear is the future of Symbian Foundation and S60. Maybe Nokia will have two operative systems at the same time?  

Here is everything that is known about Maemo Harmattan:


  • Maemo Harmattan is very different from past releases, it has been adapted to suit phones
  • The homescreen of Harmattan is a vertical set of widgets, ads will be blended, no horizontal scrolling.
  • Widgets are highly integrated with the phone, for example, a calendar entry in a determined location is also added to the maps application.
  • Ads will be blended in the vertical set of widgets, no options for ads.
  • Nokia will give the control of Ads to carriers, cutting costs for users
  • GPS will be used to offer location based ads, ex: when near a place, the ads will display ads from that determined place.
  • Maemo Harmattan’s release date could be Q4 2010/Q1 2011.


Update: Below is a screenshot fom the Maemo Harmattan, you can see the widgets, if you are an internet tablet user you will find there is no similarity at all with the current release of Maemo.


Thanks to: MobileCrunch | Mobile Phone Info