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Happy Nokia New Year!

What a year it has been for our favorite mobile manufacturer. It started bumpy, you know, with the risky Windows Phone announcement, but it culminated with the Nokia Lumia 800; without a doubt one of the best Nokia devices I haver ever used–and I have owned pretty much all of them since the years of the legendary 9300 Communicator. This year was one of the best years for Nokia in recent memory if you ask me, Nokia just began to execute a successful strategy that has given results in a short period of time. Next year, also known as “The Nokia Year,” will start on a higher note than this year. The 9th of January we are expecting Nokia to announce something exciting for the long-forgotten U.S market.

Nokia running to make a Touch Down here in the U.S ;)

We then expect later into 2012 a N8 Windows Phone successor, perhaps even a Windows 8 Tablet, and most definitely the next generation of Windows Phone 8 Nokias. Better yet, however, is to know that Nokia and its leadership team know where they are going next year and are doing their best for the brand. So I wish Nokia, as well as all loyal fans, a Happy Nokia New Year!