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Hands On Videos With Nokia C3 and Nokia C6

With the announcement of the Nokia N8 we suddenly forgot ┬áthe devices that Nokia had announced two weeks ago: the Nokia C3 and the Nokia C6. I still consider this two smartphones as ”exciting” because their price is just ridiculously low, and to be honest they offer quite a lot of functionality. Specially the Nokia C3 which could be a device extremely appealing to- ┬áreally everyone. I mean, it looks better than a Blackberry, has advanced features, user can choose any color, and all comes for under 90 Euro! C’mon, we have to give some credit to Nokia, releasing that kind of phone for that price takes some effort. Here are two videos showing the Nokia C3 and C6 closer, unfortunately, seems that few people have been able to get their hands on this two devices.