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Got Swype Working On N8! No Portrait Keyboard Though

So I finally got Swype on the Nokia N8, however, just as I was afraid, there is no portrait keyboard! That is classical Nokia, release something that works half-way well. But don’t get me wrong, Swype might come with portrait mode in the future, but we can’t tell for sure. The Swype I got is official, I downloaded it from the Ovi Store by tricking it to believe I was using a C7 – because Swype is available right now officially for the C7. So those who say I am criticizing something before it is available, just think of it like this: if you had a C7 and had “legitimately” downloaded Swype, you would get landscape mode only, yeah, frustrating. And who Swypes in landscape mode? It is the most inconvenient thing to do since you have to slide your thumb on a very wide surface, is just bad design and ergonomics.

Anyway, to get Swype on your Nokia N8, just follow these steps:

1. Go to http://store.ovi.com/content/58438/ and select your phone to be a Nokia C7. Then select “Send to a Friend” and send the link to yourself.

2. After you receive the SMS on your N8, open the link. You should now be in the Ovi Store, seeing the Swype app. Just download it and wait for it to be installed.

3. Make sure it finished installing, and restart the N8. Now go to “Apps” and you will find Swype right there.

4. I don’t remember well if you have to turn on Swype on the menu from the last step, but you can play with the settings. Anyway, you will know Swype is on when you rotate the phone to landscape and see the keyboard is now different. And like we told you already, no portrait Swype…

Hopefully Nokia will make Swype available for the N8, and with portrait mode too. We’ll keep you informed!

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  • http://twitter.com/bikermunda Vikramdhani

    Swype does not matter in the landscape mode. the keyboard is best used in potrait orientation but it is difficult for anyone to explain this to nokia

    • Anonymous

      nokia didnt make swype without a portrait mode for n8. this is a non-n8 version (which has portrait mode qwerty) running on the n8 (which breaks the app a bit and makes portrait mode qwerty non accessible).

  • josuegimenez

    Nokia needs to understand that the Touch devices needs the qwerty keyboard in portrait mode Now!

    • Anonymous

      i agree. portrait mode qwerty would be nice to have as an omnipresent, installed always by default option. it’s not. but the input method is modular and apps like swype are available, so you know, you can install additional input methods.

      the real question is this: if portrait qwerty is such a big deal, but left absent by nokia, then why aren’t more developers pushing their own portrait qwerty out there? like on the palmos years ago, there were various 3rd party input panes you could install as replacements for graffiti. these included TealScript, and solutions from Parascript and VisionObjects.

      i’m not saying we should HAVE to install 3rd party apps just to get portrait mode qwerty, but rather if it’s missing and everyone wants it (as implied by your post above) then why aren’t developers making $$$ by selling such a thing? seems pretty trivial to implement, the only knowledge i’m missing is how to hook the input API to bring up my input pane instead of the system default, and i bet that’s easily found in the SDK.

      i’m busy writing other apps, so i’m not jumping on this opportunity just yet. if any developers are reading this and looking for a project, here it is. go code. also, while you’re at it, please update the landscape mode qwerty too. i want one that doesn’t input the WRONG character just because my finger slid a bit while lifting it up. that is, if i type a ‘D’ and the screen shows the ‘D’ key lit up as i press on it, but while releasing my finger i slide over the the ‘F’ key… i STILL WANT A ‘D’. that isn’t done yet in nokia’s qwerty keyboards. basically, just latch the button events on keyDown() and not on keyPressed(). otherwise it can stay the same, me thinks.


  • Insiderx

    can i switch on/off the swype mode ? or after instalation in will only be swype mode ?

    • edumana

      No, you can still type the traditional way

  • Guy

    my ovi store wont sign in :S it keeps giving me “network error, try again later,” someone please help me

  • Onlyafrika

    How do I restart/reboot N8? I can Power OFF, then Power ON………….is there an option to restart that I’ve missed

  • http://twitter.com/jaredmorgs Jared Leon Morgan

    After whining to Nokia Beta Labs about no portrait mode in Swype, they confirmed that it is not Swype’s fault. Portrait mode(for *any* keyboard) must be enabled in the device firmware. So look out for portrait mode once the next PR FW update is pushed to your S^3 device.

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