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Get The Metro “Tube” Map of 8 Cities On The Nokia N97 and 5800

Those who live in the great cities like New York, Paris or London probably use the Metro, or ”Tube” like they call it in England, to move around the city. If you are one of those who use the metro system, things just got a bit easier with this free software for the Nokia N97 and 5800!  You can now have the map of the underground metro system of your city on your Nokia 5800 or N97, so you don’t have to rely on paper again. There are free maps for New York, TfL (London), Paris, Tokyo, Metro de Porto, Roma, Moscow and Santiago de Chile.


This app is just awesome, if you live or are just visiting one of those cities you can just install the free map on your Nokia N97 or 5800 so you can easily move around the city using the metro system. The map shows everything you will need to plan your ride, you can drag the map around and even zoom on some versions. To install the metro system of your city on your 5800 or N97, just head here to download the free maps.

Via: NokNok Tap into Your Nokia’s Hidden Talents
and Symbian-Guru – Everything About Symbian, straight from the Guru

  • Dardo Murcia

    This app really makes my life easier, thanksssss……

    • edward

      Glad I could help you Dardo

  • Ash

    Cool, having the map on my phone is easier, but I cant zoom in the map…..

    • edward

      Only London I believe is supported to zoom-in

  • Clive

    This link is not working, website has gone !!