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Free Nokia 5800 and N97 Themes: Blue, Green and Pink Stripes

The Nokia 5800 and N97 are currently the only two Nokia phones with S60 5th Ed Touch interface, but there are already plenty of themes to choose from and they all look really nice in the big screens of bothdevices. The theme I found today for the N97 and 5800 is a group of three themes, they are all equal but the color changes in each of them. 

The theme is based on stripes, it has vertical stripes all over that fit really well on the big screens of the N97 and 5800. There is a blue theme, a green theme and a pink theme for the ladies. The blue theme is very cool, looks pretty amazing on the 5800 as well as the green theme. I am more of a ”blue” person so I am currently using that one, but I am sure there are plenty of ”green” persons. The stripes themes for the N97 and 5800 also bring a pink, girly theme for the ladies! And I think that is a pretty cool initiative since ladies obviously deserve to have some kind of pink theme to match their personality or favorite color. The three themes look pretty cool and they were inspired on the marketing and ad campaigns Nokia did with the 5800. You can download the stripe themes for the N97 and 5800 by following the link below and either downloading to your PC and installing with PC Suite, or by browsing directly with your device to this page and clicking the link. Note that although this themes were initially made for the N97 and 5800 touch screen phones, they also work very well on S60 3rd Ed like the N85, N96 and N86. Download here: nokia-stripes


  • alireza askarifar