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Free Nokia 5800 and N97 Games: Sudoku Numerical Game for Nokia 5800 and N97

In the 1900s a French newspaper started to publish in in the games page of their newspaper a numerical game called SuDoKu. Many of us think that the game was an ancient game invented in the east, but that is not completely true, it was actually invented by the French! The SuDoKu is an amazing game that has a lot of benefits, for example, playing SuDoKu trains your brain because of the mathematical aspect of  it and you literally get smarter every time you play and complete a challenging SuDoKu game. Today, almost every newspaper or magazine brings a SuDoKu game on the games section, but playing SuDoKu on paper can be frustrating since you can’t erase, and it can get very messy. That is why playing SuDoKu in a Nokia 5800 or N97 is way better! I found a pretty good free SuDoKu game for the Nokia 5800 and N97 touch screen phones, the SuDoKu is completely optimized for touch screen devices as the N97 and 5800 and the result is just amazing, I spent almost every minute of waiting playing SuDoKu on my 5800 because it is very fun and on top it trains my brain! The SuDoKu for the N97 and 5800 is completely free for you to download and use, there is no trial period or hidden fees, it is completely free for you to install on your Nokia 5800 or N97.

 To install this game for the 5800 and N97 you just need to download the file below, you can install it in two ways. You can browse to this page with your Nokia mobile and then click over the link and install over the air, or you can download the software to your PC and then iinstall using the Nokia PC Suite. If you can’ss install the SuDoKu in your phone just leave a comment explaining which error you get, that way we can help you better to install the SuDoKu game in your Nokia 5800. Download Here: Nokia N97 And 5800 Sudoku


  • aman

    nokia 5800 mobile not able to recognise zip file

    • edward

      Right, you haven’t installed the ZIP manager. Go to Download! on your 5800 and find ZIP manager under Applications. Install it and then download again ;)

  • Pål

    Easy to install, but the Game does not offer different levels. The games will allways start with appr. 50 empty cells.

  • katie

    Can’t find the unzip app under download. Please could you advise? Thanks!

  • Parvinahamdi23

    i get this error when installing it. failed to load main_class manifest attribute ??
    could you write the procedure a bit more clear?

  • Sadas

    Unzip in the computer and load the file in your nokia mobile and install it.. It works..