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Free N900 or N97 Mini! | Official Nokia Contest

Another amazing Nokia contest!

Nokia is very well known for its amazing and crazy contests, sometimes is a complex puzzle we have to solve and other times is just a silly thing we have to do. And well, this one is one of the goofy ones; but the reward is enough to do the most goofy and crazy thing in the world: a brand new Nokia N900 or Nokia N97 Mini. That is right, two of the most amazing devices currently made  by Nokia, but, what do you have to do?

It is pretty easy, all you have to do is take a picture of yourself using the Mobira Cityman which you can download and print using this link: PDF Link. The best picture will receive either the N900 or the N97 Mini.

nokia n900

To participate in the contest follow this link and be careful to read all the details, like where do you have to upload the pic and how will they contact you. Here is the link: Nokia Blog.

PS: The N900 is more expensive and better as a prize

  • nimish

    nokia n97 mini..contest when u started…plz..

  • Naved Sayyad

    nokia n97 is a great phone….

  • thaneswar singh

    nokia n97 very sexy & stylish phone

  • dhruv

    NOKIA is the WORLD BEST COMPANY.NOKIA N900 is gret fone i want to win this fone.

  • maruthi

    nokia n900 is really amazing and very excellent smart phone i really like

  • tamal das

    in india nokia is a only company which we relay when we go for buy a phone,whats is nokia crdites for delevering best phone at best price,nokia n97 is stunning phone ,but it is not so cheap that all people can buy ,guys pleae keep the price rat cool thanks