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Free 5530 Apps: Top 10 Free Applications For Nokia 5530

I recently got a Nokia 5530 XpressMusic. When I first opened it, I thought it looked just like a toy. However, now I realize that the Nokia 5530 is really a powerful device. It has an extremely sharp responsive touchscreen, a really good looking homescreen and an excellent size that makes it a very practical device to carry anywhere. But, for the Nokia 5530 to be a powerful device, there are some applications that need to be installed. Here is our list of top 10 free applications for the Nokia 5530:


10. Handwriting Calculator:

handwriting calclatorThe Nokia 5530 has the standard calculator, it is pretty much useless if you want to do serious math. As this phone is generally aimed at young people; young people usually are taking some kind of math. Handwriting calculator is that free calculator that will help with some complex problems. The comfortable stylus that comes with the 5530, the very responsive screen and this app, make one of the coolest calculators ever. Get

9. Shazam

shazam logoShazam is one of the coolest applications ever for any mobile device. The Nokia 5530 is basically a music device, and Shazam just makes it better. Just point the mic of the 5530 to the speakers playing that song you would like to know the name from, and Shazam will give you all the info. It really works like magic, is not one of those apps that work halfway. Get Shazam here: Get

8.  Ap News App

ap newsNews are really interesting, and the best way to get them on the Nokia 5530 is with the AP News Application. This App is completely free and works really well. The AP App has almost any category you could imagine, plus amazing Photo and Video reportages. This app is that app you open when you are sitting and have nothing to do, is just entertained to browse through its content. To get this app for free head here: Get

7. Facebook

facebook nokiaAmazingly, my Nokia 5530 did not come with a Facebook client pre-installed. I had to search for one. The Facebook client for Nokia touchscreen devices is pretty complete. It does lack some functions but is very usable. Looks amazingly well on the Nokia 5530, very responsive and fast. To get free Facebook for the Nokia 5530 just head here: Get

6. Google Maps

Unfortunately, the Nokia 5530 does not pack a GPS unit. That means that Nokia Maps is really unusable, plus, the if you install Nokia Maps, the memory card would be filled with maps instead of music. The Nokia 5530 still can be a powerful location device with Google Maps. With My Location, you will now more or less where you are and how to get to that point. To get Google Maps just head to Google mobile on your 5530 and then select ”more”  finally select Maps and download.

5. Photo Browser

nokia photo browserThe native photo gallery of the Nokia 5530 is a bit boring, with Nokia Photo Browser you can get a really cool experience browsing pics. The stunning 3D effects are just amazing while showing pictures to Friends. Generally, Photo Browser is one of the first apps I install on touchscreen devices. Get it here: Get

4. Playlist DJ

playlist dj nokiaAnother music app for a stunning music device. Playlist DJ is one of the smartest applications for Nokia devices,  it categorizes all your music and then allows you to listen to ”moods” of music depending on your mood. You can select between: passion, anger, tempo and happiness. You can move each of the four levels differently and accuarate different results will show. Also makes automatic playlists, lets say you want only classic music, Playlist DJ will automatically select all your classical music and create a playlist: Get

3. Tic Tac Toe and Reaction Challenge

tic tac toeTwo games to play with friends. One of the coolest things touchscreen phones can do is allow you to play with someone at the same time. Here are two games that let you play with a friend. Tic Tac Toe and Reaction Challenge. TicTacToe for the 5530 is just the classic game, only you can play with your friend. And reaction challenge lets you play together with a friend to see who has better reaction: Get and Get

2. AccuWeather

accuweatherThe Nokia 5530 did not come with a Weather app pre-installed, although this should come by default, it can be easily downloaded from the Ovi Store. AccuWeather is the best free weather app for Nokia phones. Ir provides the full weather forecast in any country. Get it here: Get

1. Vlingo

vlingo nokiaVlingo is the most amazing application for Nokia touchscreen devices. It allows you to search the internet, update Facebook, send emails, send SMS, launch an app or call someone by just talking to the phone. It does work, I thought that this app would just barely recognize my voice. Amazingly, it does an excellent job deciphering everything I say. I have this app first row in my homescreen to search anything quick, at first I thought it was just cool. Then I realized the convenience of searching google by just talking. Get here: Get

  • Felipe

    Mmh, the facebook app says it’s not available for the 5530. How did you manage to get it on the phone? Thanks

    • edward

      Follow the link, its Facebook for S60 Touch. Or, directly on yourr 5530 and Ovi Store, search for it.

  • http://www.twitter.com/mark1nhu mark

    take a little look at this amazing twitter client:


    totally free…


  • rodrigo

    well i have the same problem as felipe it says that facebook is not available for nokia 5530 and i really need it plz help!!

  • tigervyh

    Edward, same problem here as with Felipe and Rodrigo, Ovi Store just wouldn’t let me download and install this facebook app for my 5530.

  • sawad

    hi… Please i need youtube dowloader for my nokia5530

  • hpatel

    Does any one know if Nokia 5530’s battery gives problems. In the sense that this phone is a new one and already the battery dies down very fast.Could this be a battery problem.And NO i dont talk for a long time.

  • Abhishek Balsara

    Regarding the battery it dies down fast if u use Multimedia (i.e music, camera, videos, etc) frequently
    For ppl for facebook its already installed in the phone, den y installing again !!!

  • Florence

    After downloading from the computer, how do I put the application in my phone?

    • Rishibhise94

      Dear florence, after downloading the app just put it in ur mobile by connecting ur phone to nokia pc suite

    • ghassan

      cable or bluetoothe and u should install from there

  • asif eminov

    facebook aps don`t work. :(

  • boatman

    facebook app isn’t instaled on the 5530 but you can find the app by googling “facebook for nokia”. download and install the app manually. its easy forgot the site i got it from had a huge display of free apps. the app is great better than the browser

  • Azyl

    Ovi won’t help?
    I guess we might as well just browse facebook/youtube using the phone’s web and just bookmark the page. It would be better to save the link than to just type the whole adress all over again when we want to facebook/youtube, since there’s no available app yet.

  • chelle

    hi,l also have this problem,l can’t download facebook on my nokia 5530.please help me!asap

  • chelle

    please help to download facebook on my nokia 5530,l did not get any answer

  • vahid

    they aren’t TOP apps :), but not bad.

    • Tarun Namdeo12

      yes they are noit top apps

  • mahir

    I hv d same prblm dat many ppl r facing…
    I cannot download the facebook client as hit says it is nt for 5530 :(
    I hd it b4 bt by mistake it gt deleted….
    Cn sum1 help me plzZ…. I really need it back

  • http://www.nokia5530price.info Nokia 5530 Price

    Loving the accuweather application :)

  • Aishia

    hi you know my 5530 the apps dont dwn load properly it keeps saying failed wah shall i do?? x

  • monis khan

    it is best path to get the best application 7& software MONIS KHAN

  • Armenta_loel

    i cannot use my fb app