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Foursquare Client For Touch Nokia Devices Enters Beta

I personally don’t use Foursquare, but many of the people I follow on Twitter are constantly checking-in and earning badges in different places. Seems fun, but not my type of thing. Anyway, I have heard many complaints from Symbian users about the lack of Foursquare apps for Nokia devices. And seems that ThinkChange heard those cries and started developing ”Symbian Foursquare.” This is a Foursquare client for Symbian^1 devices, although it probably works in Symbian^3 devices like the N8 as well. However, seems like S60 3rd Ed users were left behind, Foursquare for Symbian is not compatible for this platform.

I couldn’t tell the difference between a good Foursquare Client and a bad one, but the screenshots above make it seem like a nice designed app with a good-looking UI. The best thing about Foursquare for Symbian is that is freeware, so no cost at all. The app is still in close beta and only 1000 people are allowed to test the app before it goes public. Try your luck and see if you can get in at: http://www.symbianfoursquare.com/. Below is the app in action: