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Flash 10.1 Beta3 Available: Improves HD Video Playback On the Nokia Booklet 3G

Good news for the Booklet 3G users! Adobe just made available the Flash 10.1 Plugin! The updated Flash 10.1 is supposed to improve the performance of your Nokia Booklet 3G in everything related to Flash content, that includes HD YouTube videos, Hulu HD and more.

The Flash 10.1 is not the definite release, it is a beta version that is in the latest stages of testing before it goes official. The Beta3 10.1 enables hardware graphics acceleration on netbooks with the Intel GMA 500, like the Nokia Booklet 3G. I just installed the new Flash and after a playing with it, I can tell the difference, videos do seem to play smoother. I was able to play a 720p YouTube video without major lag, however, I didn’t have time to test the new Plugin further. To install the new Flash Plugin just:

1. Download the Windows Version from here: Download Flash 10.1

2. While it is downloading go to ”Control Panel” then select ”Programs and Features” after that just uninstall the Flash Plugin if you already had one installed.

3. Close your web browser and start the installation.

I would recommend a reboot, I also have some Win7 updates to do. After that you should be able to note at least a slight difference when playing videos. Let us know your experience, and stay tuned for when the definite Flash Plugin version arrives!

Via: Engadget