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Fix GPS Faster on Nokia Devices: How To Get GPS Signal Faster

If you have a Nokia device with a built-in GPS, you will notice that Google Maps gets your location ten times faster than Nokia Maps. It is unknown the reason for this, but what we do know is how to fix it. The device uses a server to get your location faster. Google Maps uses a different server than Nokia, a server that is possibly faster, much faster. The trick is basically changing the default Nokia location server that the device uses to geotag pics, or just place you in the map, for the Google Server.


Changing the server is really easy. You just have to replace the ”Server Address” from supl.nokia.com to supl.google.com The hard part is finding that setting which is hidden on most Nokia phones. It will vary from phone to phone, on the Nokia N97 you have to find the ”Location” icon, then click on ”Landmarks” then ”Options” then ”Positioning Settings” and finally ”Positioning Server,” just change it to the Google server which is the address: supl.google.com. Leave a comment if you notice that the GPS locks faster! So far I can tell that it does lock a bit faster.

Via: TheNokiaBlog

  • Steve

    doing this seems to cause nokia maps to freeze and lock the phone up

  • MS

    Same to me… causes Nokia Maps to freeze.

    • edward

      Hmm, how weird! I use it and nothing happens to my N97? I have the latest Ovi Maps.

  • RobFrostzen

    Unafortunity, my ovi maps crash and reboot my terminal 5800

    • Oxygen

      5800 with Ovi Maps 3.04 works fine.

  • CraigM

    Same for me. Maps on my N97 starts, screen goes to black with some colours and then the phone dies. has to be restarted.

  • Ahmad

    Same happened. Phone crasheddddddd

  • faizal

    i am using n81 how can i change my server?

  • David

    It’s definitely faster on my N97 and works just fine, no crashes or freeze ups!

  • Se7eN

    Where do i find those settings on N95 8GB? Does anyone knows?

  • David

    I think Google has blocked Nokia phones from using their service since I’m haven’t been able to get a GPS fix for the past few days with the positioning server set to supl.google.com.

  • Chris M

    It works perfectly fine on my E72. And it is faster than the nokia server by far. Thanks man you saved me.

  • Timbloed

    My N97 phone crashed. I had to reboot it twice after changing back to supl.nokia.com. :-(

  • praveen

    Thanks. It looks much faster there is no freezing problem so far

  • kam

    so seems nokia hates googles gutts lol i changed the server name and everytime i ran the maps it froze and turned the phone off.

  • gl

    I got the same problem.My n97 restarts again.Is it because my phone is locked by the phone company?

  • kallieharie@yahoo.com

    My E72 also freezes up and restarts. I have the latest Ovi 3 Maps as well as Google Maps installed.

  • md

    works so fine and so fast on my nokia e72. Even gets positioning from indoors. No hanging or reboots yet. Thank you so much. Nokia should thank google.

  • Milikito

    First attempt worked beautifully on my N97. I’m indoors and In just 3 seconds it got my location. Definitely recommended.

  • chris

    this is not a good idea to change the server. my phone black out!

  • oneiros

    Blackout on my phone too !!!

    Anyone has any ideia to solve it ?!?!?!

  • armand

    thank you, wors perfectly on Nokia N900.

    • ram

      how does it works i also want to get connected through nokia mobile can you please advice me to do that

  • jenny greenway

    i give up nokia gps is too fickle, too arduous, too annoying, just does not bloody work & i cannot be arsed with it – go to Currys and get a proper satnav

  • Daniel

    Just tried this today 04/06/2010 and it has worked fine on Ovi Maps with my Nokia N900


  • shreyas

    Hay I tried this trick on my Nokia N97, it works on it, speed is little bit faster but not much; and no crashes are arrived. But another problem is there. The current position shown by nokia server and google server are diffrent. Eg. I saved my house on ovi maps with nokia settings, at that time my current location and my house is at same point. But as i changed the server settings to google it shows my current location near to my house, but not exactly at that point. It occurs because of different position of their respective satelites. Another cause is the altitude system used by nokia and google are little bit diffrent. :)

  • microeyes

    i am using latest fring ,, but in the addons the skype is absent….. what i have to do to add the skype addons…………….

  • Owen

    I tried this on the N95 8GB. It did not seem to have any noticeable effect on OVi Maps. However the GPS Data application (separate to Maps) definitely locked in much quicker and once that locked Maps was instantly positioned as well.

  • Iulian

    nokia server is much faster then google server on my Nokia n79. And ‘Yes’ u can se a slice diference betwen those in ; Altitude , accuracy and avg speed. My opinion.

  • HarshitDhora

    hey,, how can i get it..?

  • HarshitDhora

    hey how can i get it,,/.'

  • Not 4 Reply Thanks

    OVI v3.04 Map v on Nokia 5800 XM on 28 Jan 2011 Melbourne Australia => Google server is perhaps a touch faster. Never the less there is an alternative!
    I also had to enable all “Positioning methods” in Apps/Location/Positioning/Positioning methods, because they were all turned off (no green tick).

  • wizardkhan

    tried with the Nokia N900, WAYYY FASTER!!!

    only tried it once, expecting it to be as fast in future.

    – with google, signal is available within seconds.
    – with nokia, takes minutes.

  • Chrisb2554

    thank u very much it works 4 me very fgast indeed

  • Christos

    E71. It resets my phone! I switched back to supl.nokia.com

    Google maps loads faster our position because it requires internet connection.
    Ovi maps loads slower our position because we usually don’t use internet connection (it’s costless)

  • Diesell76

    What about I have installed Garmin mobile on my Nokia E71, so how can I tune it to lock the GPS satellite faster? Is thare any hot fix? :)

  • James

    what’bout the Access point!!! AT&T Internet? i ain’t got such. does it really matters? i got o2 Internet or do i just use Internet? Thx

  • http://profiles.google.com/nitinule Nitin Ulé

    You made my day.. I was very much annoyed with gps fix on my N8 belle.. (normally N8 has no problems but i did some Modding so it was giving me problems) But now gps fix in few seconds


  • Stanleybinagi

    thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you sooooooooo much

  • Dzolero

    Christos, I also have an E71 and it crashed like you wrote, but if you turn off option like “Based on cellular network” or sth like it, then it works like charm, and now OVI also catches the fix almost simultaneously. :) And as for garmin XT you can do nothing about it because it doesn’t seem to use the internet connection to catch a fix.

  • B-Nos Ver-Speculos

    DUDE!!! difference is night & day, gps would hardly even work before this, and now 2-3sec gps fix time. Awsome, thanks. Running on N900 btw.

  • http://phonearenaindia.com/1154/nokia-n8-specs-price-in-india Praveen Kumar

    Wow!! Just wow!! I was on the verge of breaking my phone solely on account of the faulty GPS, and now its just brilliant… i love it…

  • Guest

    Cool but it wont work without data plan… :(