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Firmware Updates: Nokia N85 and N79 Get a Software Update

The Nokia N85 and the Nokia N79 just got better, they both received a software update, the new version 20.175! A software or firmware update is an overall update to the Operative System that makes your device work, each time that a device gets an update, it usually gets more features and improves stability and functionality, in other words, a firmware is the best thing that can happen to your phone.


This new software update for the Nokia N85 and N79 will bring lots of  improvements including e-mail and VOIP plug-ins, time zone updates, power save mode enhancement and IHF speaker tuning as well as general stability and power optimization. To check your current firmware just type *#0000# on your N79 or N85, if the version is below 20.175 you should update your device to get the most out of it. To do so, just go to Device Manager. Select Options > Check for updates and follow the on-screen prompts for the Over The Air update, you can also update your Nokia with Nokia Software Updater by going here: www.nokia.com/softwareupdates