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File Sharing Software for your Nokia Mobile Phone – LimeWire for Nokia


Here is a very useful application for Nokia Mobile phones that run Symbian S60 3rd Ed,  ex:  N86, N85, E71, E75 etc..  It is LimeWire for Nokia!  With LimeWire for Nokia you will be able to search for files and then download them directly to your Nokia phone without using anything else.  The application is called Symella, a weird name because it should be named Nokia LimeWire or something similar, and is ready to download for free!   

To download LimeWire for Nokia phones just follow the link: nokia-software

*Please use responsibly

  • tal

    hi i downloaded to my nokia e63 but when i tryed to install it it just extracted then said certificate error! Contact application supplier. How shall i get it,

  • edsel

    the same question

  • walling

    hi i have the same question

  • diann

    i get error certificate expired where do i get certificate from please

  • tom

    hi ladies all u do is change the date on ur fone start at 2006 and go up yr by yr if that duznt work hack


    hi I have same question

  • Emilyx

    Same question, as the first.

  • jacqueline

    tried with all the years from 06 to now, and nothing!

  • Jan

    same question

  • SuperdryGirl

    Hey, I’m having a problem here, I don’t have any experience what so ever concerning Linux or Symbian or whatever..I bought myself a N900 because of all the possibilyties the phone has. Now, I just whant to know, can I get limewire or a similar (free) P2P-file sharing program on my N900?
    If yes, can you please tell me how? I have no idea…
    Please, someone help.. I just want to download music etc..

    Please, help me, else I’ve spent all this money on a phone I don’t know what to do with..


  • Adi

    sign the certificate

  • yekesh

    hi, i’m trying to install limewire for my nokia E63, but it keeps saying certificate error. Pls how do i get to install it?

  • Arpit Kaushal

    You hav to get ur phone hacked to install it…im using 5800 fully hacked by me,no certificate error…clean install… :) …..hope dat helped

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