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FIFA World Cup App For Your Nokia Phone: Follow Scores and More!

I really wish I could watch every game of the South Africa FIFA World Cup 2010, but well, I really can’t stay tuned to the TV for 3-4 hours every day. This is when the AP World Cup Coverage app for Nokia devices comes in handy. This app is all you need to keep track of everything related to the World Cup, live scores, schedules, standings and other info. The App is really well built and has more multimedia features like video and photos, is not just an app to know about upcoming games or scores, but to read news about what is happening and watch cool videos just anywhere.

The app is amazing, and I am pretty sure it will be really useful from today on to 11th of July when the World Cup comes to an end. You can get the FIFA World Cup app for Nokia devices right from the Ovi Store! Get Here

I am not completely sure but I think this is touch screen devices only, you know: Nokia N97, N97 Mini, Nokia Nuron, Nokia X6, Nokia 5800 and of course Nokia N8 if you have one!