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Fantasia Painter Now Lets You Add Glamour Magazine Beauty Effects to your Face

Amazing apps are populating the Marketplace everyday, and Fantasia Painter is an excellent example of how good a Windows Phone app can be. This application has been around for a while, but it was just updated to add some amazing effects. Among those is the “Beauty Reveal” effect. The developer claims that it took 5 months to develop and perfect this effect. Beauty Reveal lets you swipe your finger across your face to make it look pretty, not that it’s not already, but who doesn’t need Vogue beauty effects before a Facebook upload? Beauty Reveal gets rid of all imperfections: scars, acne, spots, sweat etc… and makes your skin look perfect on pictures. Aside from this effect, Fantasia Painter is a full featured photo editor, you can edit pics in a plethora of ways; think of a Photoshop-like app. I completely edited this picture I took at Nokia World of Mr. Elop and me on my Lumia 800. Look how “Beauty Reveal” eliminated the sweat of a long day of hard work. You can get Fantasia Painter at the Marketplace here, or the ad-free version here.