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Facebook for The Nokia N97 Showed in Video | Must See

The Nokia N97 is a complete computer, with a full QWERTY keyboard and a huge 3.5” screen, plus the laptop like form factor, the Nokia N97 is more of a computer than a phone. The N97 is an amazing ”mobile computer”, and the main purpose of it is to keep the user connected to the internet places, for example Facebook and Twitter. But Facebook is still more popular than Twitter, but even though, a Facebook application for Nokia devices was stilll unavailable. Well, that changed with the Nokia N97 which comes pre-loaded with a complete Facebook application, the same that can be downloaded from the Ovi Store for the Nokia 5800: Facebook for Nokia 5800. Below is a really cool video showing Facebook in the Nokia N97:

Via: Symbian SmashpOp

  • Artoisguy

    The Facebook application is not very good … I found myself putting a link to the mobile facebook site on my front screen and using that for FB .. when doing this it would also cause a script error and the phone needs to be rebooted. My advice .. ditch the FB app and wait for a better one to be developed… The N97 is a great bit of kit