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Facebook For Nokia: Finally A Facebook Client For All Symbian/Nokia Devices

Lately Nokia is the last manufacturer in everything; can you imagine that we still don’t have an usable Facebook client for the vast majority of Nokia smartphones (non-touchscreen)? Sure, the E72 and E71 got a version of the Facebook app, it is pretty incomplete and barely usable compared to other Facebook clients in other platforms, but at least offers a partial mobile Facebook experience. The weird and totally irrational thing about this, is that although the Facebook app is totally compatible with S60 3rd Ed devices like the: N95, N86, N85, N79, E75 and so on, Nokia decided to channel the app through the Ovi Store and make it available only to the E71 and E72. Now the good news, is that while the Ovi Store was broken some days ago as AAS reported, someone managed to get the direct link to the Facebook App!

Facebook running on the previously unsupported E75

I remember how desperate was I some months ago while trying to install the Facebook app that I used on my E71, on my E75. I tried everything and for some reason I just couldn’t find a link to download the Facebook app for S60 3rd Ed Nokia handsets. Well, now we have that link! I don’t know exactly with what devices will this work, I am sure it will work on devices like the: E90, E75, E63, N95, N86, N85, N79, N82, and so on, but I am not sure if the Facebook app will work on tricky devices like the: E55, E71x, Nokia Surge, E66 and C5. You can download it here, you have to open this link on your device: Download, and please report if this works or not!

  • Andres

    Hi, thanks for the app. I’ve installed on myN95, it´s working quite good, It crashed “only” once.

  • Tal B.

    Dosn’t work on Nokia’s N5800.
    You asked….

    • edward

      Of course, that is because Touchscreen Nokia phones already have a facebook client.

  • Abdullah Ali

    So now we can use fb client…

  • Sayantan

    working on n81…..

  • john

    its not working anymore

  • TadzEBO

    yeah! thank u.. iv installed already in my e63.. more power..

    • EseriesE63

      Its doesn’t support in my E63. i tried to rename the file as .sisx, or sis, even .jar!!! but not use says “messaging not supported” how did u run on your phone!!! plz help!!! badly needed!!!