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Nokia’s Exclusive ESPN App Available Right Now on Lumia Devices

Nokia has talked about and advertised their exclusive applications for Nokia Lumia devices since Nokia World. However, they were not immediately available and we had to conform with demos. Well, until now! ESPN and the recently announced exclusive Univision app are both available on Lumia devices under the “Nokia collection” tab at the Microsoft Marketplace. Update: seems like it’s only available in the U.S so far, maybe because of the Lumia 710¬†announcement.

The ESPN app for Lumia devices brings all of ESPN’s content right to your phone in an elegant and fluid interface. You can select among 10 different sports: ¬†from Football to Rugby, and everything in between. You can also watch video highlights from previous games, and follow live scores from a pinned Live Tile.

The Univision app is of course in Spanish, and gives you everything from the latest happening in a “Telenovela,” to the local weather and horoscope. This app has a lot of rich content: videos, photos, and news articles about different topics. The user can pin a specific category such as “Noticias,” or “Futbol” to the homescreen.