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Elop Interview: Lumia for the U.S, Swipe UI, and Tablets

GigaOM recently interviewed Nokia’s President and CEO, Steven Elop. The interview is rather revealing; giving some details that were not known before the interview. The video of the session is below, it’s a little bit long but definitely worth watching.

Elop starts talking about the U.S market in specific. It’s known that Nokia will enter the American market by 2012; but Elop further specified they will enter with the Lumia range of products. That doesn’t mean we’ll see the same 800 and 710 we currently have, he later on specifies that these products will be “unique” to the U.S market. My opinion? We’ll see the Nokia Lumia 900 towards the beginning of the next year. He says they are really focusing to cater to the needs of the U.S market in everything from devices, to services, to carrier partnerships, and marketing. Microsoft has helped them fill the void of experience Nokia has with the U.S market. Elop really seemed eager to give the U.S market a try,¬†definitely¬†good news from Nokia.

He nexts talks about Swipe UI in specific; in fact, he says that there’s another iteration of Swipe coming, but he’s not telling where, what, or how. In other words, we’ll see the amazing swiping gestures the N9 has on something that Nokia will sell in the future. Tablets? Or smartphones?

Elop finishes off by talking about tablets. Unfortunately not as revealing as last topics; Elop mentions that they don’t have a partnership with Microsoft for Windows 8 devices. They keep talking about tablets, but nothing revealing: they will help make Windows Phone more popular, and they will be an extension of the desktop etc… The video is below, there are other things they talk about, such as the N9 strategy, the partnership with Microsoft, and more.