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Editorial: The Recovery Begins

Know why I personally like Elop? He has a plan, and regardless of what angered fans might argue, Elop’s strategy is taking Nokia up to the right path. Nokia just posted an unexpected amount of profit for the third quarter of this year, and that’s without the major part of Nokia’s new strategy that involves Windows Phone kicking in. Elop has improved Nokia’s sales execution and channel inventory, and he has cut serious costs that Nokia needed to get rid of, such as R&D, Symbian outsourcing to Accenture, and other structural changes in manufacturing facilities. Nokia doesn’t have an upgraded portfolio, but hey, it’s not losing money!

Just a year ago, I was sitting at Nokia World 2010 watching a company fall apart: CEO left 2 days before the event while Nokia released some devices on an outdated platform, and other high executives were jumping off the ship; anyone could say the company wasn’t exactly stable. They also had invested millions in a not-so-good project called Ovi, and sales as well as popularity were declining at a fast rate.

It is admirable how Nokia came a long path in such a short period of time. The little results we have seen so far are indicative that there’s some change going on.┬áRight now, it seems that Nokia is recovering. Although they are still less than half-way done through this hard process, I would like to call fans to be supportive of the new Nokia. This company is not the same company that we knew a year ago, and is not going to ever be the same company we knew a year ago. It might be time to shake off the past, and judge for what is to come and not for what already happened.



  • Angelo606mh

    is true is not the same company now have a new objectiveand new competitors with amaze technology but i’d prefer see what in the next 26 Nokia can brings after a long time of denials and wp leaks, more of the same or a another disrupting device like N9