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Editorial: Nokia Music on Windows Phone is a Game Changer

Today when Nokia announced Nokia Music for their Windows Phone lineup I didn’t quite get what it was all about, however, now that I have played with the Nokia Lumia 800, I am very amazed by this app. It is basically a totally free music service that resembles a lot other services like Pandora and Slacker. The Nokia Music app will let you input a genre, and then a more specific instance inside that genre, let’s say “latest releases” in the “Dance” genre, it will then start playing music completely free! The most amazing thing is you don’t need to even sign in, there are no subscriptions, no nothing.

To ice the cake, Nokia is letting users download stations to their Nokia Windows Phone devices for free. You can download 3 hours of music in about 10 minutes over a good WI-FI connection.

Picture this: you just got your Nokia Lumia, you get it out of the box, and within seconds of opening the Nokia Music app you are listening to your favorite genre without paying anything… This app is truly amazing, and it will roll out to all the countries the Nokia Lumia 800 is available in. The Nokia Music app is also available for the Lumia 710.

  • Skyline100

    Hey do you know that the songs downloaded via the Nokia Music app only last for a limited time until it auto-deleted from the phone?

    • Anonymous

      yes, 3 weeks