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Download The Original N97 Theme | Your Nok, Like The N97!

The Nokia N97 is just around the corner, it is just a matter of days before being available everywhere. But in the meanwhile, Mandeep has created a beautiful theme,the same theme that the Nokia N97 uses! ¬†Thats right, the ”Original” or ”Default” Nokia N97 Theme is now available to download completely free! The Default N97 Theme is a beautiful blue theme, it was designed with the Nokia 5800 in mind, although it works pretty well on other devices. Updated! Mandeep added 200 custom touch icons and small fixes for the N97 theme to be compatible with almost any Nokia phone out there!


One of my favorite features of the N97 theme is that in the Nokia 5800, it hides the right bar on landscape (see screenshots) and makes the screen look bigger, for example in the browser, all the buttons are at right hand side, but they look blended with the rest of the screen. The N97 theme is really well done, it looks beautiful in most Nokia phones, specially the 5800. To Download the N97 theme just go to Mandeep’s NMB blog: N97 Theme¬†

  • http://www.farahfa.com Fadi

    Awesome! It works flawlessly on my N95-1! And the icons are awesome too!! All I need now is the Black theme though! xD

    I like this blue theme but the original black theme is 10x better imo.. :D

    • edward

      We’ll see what we can do :)

  • http://www.farahfa.com Fadi

    Nice! I am using the blue theme right now! And I am loving it! :D

  • nihal

    hey i want to have the same view that apper in the first page of nokia N97 for my nokia 5800 and thanks

    • edward


  • http://Website chicas meando

    well.. it’s like I knew!

  • srinivas

    superb themes