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Download The ”Nokia N8” Ringtone For Your Phone!

I liked two things at the unveiling of the Nokia N8, mainly the device itself, but the presentation video too. Nokia really did a great video presentation for the Nokia N8, I love showing it to friends because they are all impressed by the new Nokia N8, and well, the video is really cool to watch, I have watch it at least 50 times! So I thought that would be cool to have the cool ”Nokia N8” video presentation ringtone for my phone, It is a great tune for a ringtone since putting this tune in a music library doesn’t make any sense. So here it is, tititititu, tititititu….. Nokia N8 Ringtone. (save target as, or right-click on chrome> ”save as”) By the way, if you haven’t noticed, we changed the ol N97 at the top right for a couple of cool-looking N8s!

  • Lee

    Thanx 4 the tone. Btw, its MGMT kids (remix).
    I also watched the N8 presentation several times and shared it with all my friends on facebook.