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Download Ovi Store! The Ovi Store Now Available

The Ovi Store is a portal for over 50 models of Nokia devices including the S60 and S40 platforms, it enables the user to download content like¬†applications, games, videos, podcasts, productivity tools, web and location-based services and much more. The Ovi Store is much like the Apple’s AppStore, where the user can download both free and pay content without the need of a PC. The Ovi Store is completely amazing, it was a feature all fans and Nokia users wanted to see for now a long time, and the god news, is that the Ovi Store is ready to be downloaded right now, and it is compatible with over 50 types of Nokia mobile phones!


There are two ways to get the Ovi Store in your device, to download the Ovi Store, go to the Downloadd! icons on your Nokia mobile and then select the Ovi Store, then just download and install. Another way to get the Ovi Store is to go with your phone to Store.Ovi.Com, which is the Ovi Store’s internet Portal. After you download the Ovi Store, you can find the Ovi Store icon which is a Blue bag on the Applications section of your phone, then you can just start exploring the over 20.000 things to download from the Ovi Store!

But there are more news! Officially ATT will introduce the Ovi Store to their current and upcoming Nokia S60 and S40 phones, enabling users to easily get the content on the Store. The Ovi Store is available in the following languages: English, German, Italian, Russian, and Spanish. So what are you waiting? Go now and download the Ovi Store for your device! Store.Ovi.Com


Via: Nokia Conversations

  • Juyjuy

    bah! the ovi site is not loading, but I downloaded from download. It looks nice but still needs….something

    • edward

      I agree, so far I can say that the content is not good, for example the 2.99 ringtone!!! I would never buy that

  • Fede

    I downloaded the store, thanks!

    • edward


  • Markus

    The Ovi store looks nice on my 5800, but it is laggy

    • edward

      Yep, that is true. When I press something, it is not immediate, it takes a a bit more. I think the Store is really a website, that would explain the lag