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Download Google App For Your Nokia Device | Google App Revives!

Some time ago  Google had a really nice ”Search” app for S60 devices, but later it was not compatible anymore with new Nokia phones since the Pen key on Nokia devices had disappeared. But now the Google Search app revived as the Google App! And is totally new and compatible with new Nokia smartphones, it lets you search YouTube, Google Maps and of course Google. The app has also improved location services using My Location, so the results from the Google Maps show according to your location. 


But the most useful feature of the new Google App is that by just pressing  ”C” you can have the Google Searchbox right in the homescreen of your Nokia phone, this little and free app really makes the S60 experience easier since you have really quick access to Google right from your homescreen. 

I tried the Google App on the Nokia N85 and worked very well, apparently, the 5800 and N97 are still not compatible. To get Google App just go to the Google Mobile portal with your Nokia smartphone, then select ”More” at the top center, then select ”Download Google Mobile App”

Via: Google Mobile Blog