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Download Free Nokia Games: The Best Game Ever – FlashBall game is Awesome!

I like to play games on my Nokia phone, and every time I get a new phone I always install this awesome game. It is called FlashBall and is by far the best game ever for Nokia phones. I first installed it on my N73 and since that time I always install it on my new devices.

The game is really easy to play and that is what makes it so amusing and entertained, you objective is to take the ball to the other side of the track, but on the road you will find different barriers and obstacles that will make you start over again. This game is just the best game I have played, and is totally free for you to try. It is not an actual installation, it is a flash file that you have to download and save on your phone memory. To make it work follow this instructions:

1. Download the file directly with your phone or download to PC: flashball . If you downloaded to the phone directly go to step 3. Download flashball

2. Now unpack the file and transfer ”theflashball” to your phone via Bluetooth or USB, save it on a path you remember.

3. On your phone search the file you downloaded using File Manager which is on the Settings path generally.

4. When you located the file just select it and the game will start, each time you want to play you will have to find the file, so save it where you remember. If you need help just leave a comment!

Compatible with: Nokia N97, Nokia N96, Nokia N95, Nokia N95 8GB, Nokia N95, Nokia N82, Nokia N81, Nokia N79, Nokia N78.