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Download Free Nokia Applications: Google Maps with Street View

An application that I always install on any new phone I get is Google Maps. Google Maps is an amazing free application that extends the usability of your Nokia device 100%.  I know that new Nokia devices come with Nokia Maps pre-installed, but contrary to everybody’s belief, Nokia Maps and Google Maps have two different purposes. Nokia Maps is generally to navigate with voice and get turn by turn directions, is most used when you are on an unknown city and while traveling. But Google Maps is for the everyday life, even when you are in your own neighborhood. Lets say you are in your own city and you feel like eating Chinese, that is what Google Maps is there for because even in your own city there are places you don’t know. Google Maps opens very fast and knows immediately your location, so you just search ”Chinese restaurant” and you are done. Google Maps will show you where are the Chinese restaurants on the map and you will recognize the location. That is why I love Google Maps, because I use it everyday on my own city.

Another GREAT feature of Google Maps that was recently added is Street View, just like in your PC you can see how that point in the map looks like if you were standing right there. Here I searched for ”Nokia Manhattan” and the N.Y Nokia Flagship store came up, then I just selected Street View and Google Maps shows me how it would look like if I were standing in front of the Flagship Store!

Installing Google Maps is very easy, just go to google.com on your device and make sure you are looking at the mobile version, then select ”More” on the top of the screen. Select ”Maps” on the list and then ”Install Now”.   Once you have Google Maps installed make sure to enable the GPS on the ”Tools” option in the Google Maps menu. Problems? Just leave a comment!