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Download Facebook for Nokia 5800 and N97 | Facebook for Symbian Released!

For many months, maybe years, Nokia and Symbian fans have been waiting for a full featured Facebook client for Nokia devices. Blackberry and iPhone users have gotten theirs long, long ago, but the leading platform in the world did not! There is bad and good news, the good news is that Facebook is now available as an application for the Nokia N97 and Nokia 5800, the bad, is that only those two devices support it.  Sorry 3rd Ed!


The Facebook app runs in landscape and portrait modes, it has absolutely plenty of features and is totally awesome! With thee Facebook app you can do just about everything you can do at Facebook, but as we believe is better to explore yourself, just search the Ovi Store for ”Facebook” and install it to download Facebook for the Nokia N97 and 5800. The you just can get to use Facebook in your 5800 or N97, if you don’t know what the Ovi Store is, just check this post: Download Ovi Store

Via: ZOMG its Cj and AAS

  • ody

    I can download the installer file to my PC?… Thank you!

    • edward

      Nope! Only via Ovi Store! Why, you don’t see it? Just search for Facebook

  • ody

    Yes, but I need the file to upload to my web site… Do you know if I can get the installer file? Thnks.

    • edward

      Nope, once installed on the phone is really hard to get. But someone will come with it eventually, I am sure of that

  • nseries

    anyone having issues installing facebook. i install it from the ovi store and it says it has completed but i get no icon to launch this guy. when i go to uninstall, all that is in the application manager is “facebook installer” ive tried 3 times. i have the latest 5800 nam firmware installed

    • edward

      You should be able to find the Facebook app in Applications, arent you able to find it?

    • Kazybilanka

      facebook for nokia 5800

  • nseries

    the icon was no where to be found. so what i did was uninstalled the ovi app then install the facebook app from the website and all is good now. for some reason the ovi app was having trouble completing the install

    • edward

      Where did you find it? Which website?

  • nseries

    the ovi site. it does a direct download if you dont have the ovi site installed on your phone

    • edward

      Ohh, right!! Thanks for making me realize that!

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  • huju

    is that program only for that 2 nokia series??
    when will it available for other nokia series??like n95 or e71?

    • edward

      Yes its only available for two devices, touchscreen devices. I really don’t use facebook, but why don’t you try it on your N95 or E71 and tell us if works or not? It is a widget, so it might work ;)

  • http://www.ucilia.com janus

    it is not on the ovi store now

  • nats

    i downloaded it from ovi store and its working fine but everytime i try to upload a photo from my gallery it says error. Can anyone help?

  • http://www.ucilia.com Janus

    it is not on my ovi store that i access form my phone.
    the facebook app is avaiable for other nokia phone, i have it on my e71 and n95

  • Bas

    Can’t find Facebook in the OVI store… Did they delete it?

    • edward

      Nope, its there…

  • Bas

    This is weird… I can see it when I’m not logged in. But when I log in it isn’t there anymore…

  • ray

    it is not there in ovi store … Please help…

  • Craig Gilman

    I’ve had this on my N97 for a while – downloaded it from planet 3 – before it was available form Ovi. But it’s started playing up and won’t connect. Script Errors all tha time. I tried reinstalling from Ovi store but still have the errors. I can’t actually use it at all now. this is a real pain – it’s a great app and I found it nicer than the actual facebook site!

  • Ahmed

    fellaz, if you’re using the nokia n97 you’re bound to see some errors with the facebook application (e.g. script errors etc). So, through your application manager, uninstall the “facebook installer” connect your phone to your computer, go to the ovi store, and re-download this baby again. It should be smooth after that. However, this would not stop the errors from recurring. Which means you have to re-do the aforementioned steps :(

  • สุริยา

    อยากได้ n97 สักเครื่องครับ

  • steve

    I had that same error message : undefined status, but i uninstalled the application from the file manager and downloaded and install a fresh application from ovi store. The now works fineapplication

    • edward

      Yes, and is better to install again from Ovi Store because the 1mb that Facebook weights is stored on the 32GB drive instead of the low RAM the N97 has. You could do the same with all other apps that come with the Nokia N97 like, AP News and Bloomberg

  • rehan ali

    add facebook in my nokia mobile 5800xp

  • Rachelle

    hello…ok i just got my 5800 last week and im always on facebook an thought id try the app. But it wont work do i have to down load something else first or wot??? If someone knows can u please explain it in detail lol thanks x

    • edward

      Uninstall the app and then download it again from the ovi store

  • George


  • ken

    the facebook application no longer exists on ovi. I’ve tried reinstallin it again because my current 1 doesn’t load. It just returns an message ‘error occurred’. Someone help

  • dudeman1996

    The reason some of you can’t find the app in the ovi store is becuase ovi automatically detects your device and if you don’t have the 5800 XM or the N97, they will know and they won’t let you download it becuase it’s not compatible with your device

  • a969

    such a bad app for facebook. some statuses arent shown, big delay. it looks like it is not online at all. only good thing is that you can put pics directly from mobile, gallery or taken photo.
    comparing to iPhone app it is unusable. :(((

  • http://www.socially.in Socially

    You may also use this 3rd party app on Nokia phones http://www.socially.in. You can see the caller’s recent activity on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn when they call you on your phone.

  • tonia

    Facebook was already installed for me on my N97… however, I cannot view applications.. such as bejeweled and farmville…. is this normal… do they just not work through facebook on this phone… or should it be displaying like the iphone???

  • shine raymundo

    Hi!just like you i’m a self-proclaimed nokia fan, currently using nokia 5800, downloaded the facebook application from the ovi store, working just fine until today so i decided to uninstall to reinstall again only to find out it isn’t possible, the download button cannot be clicked..is there any solution, i’ve been super “googleing” and emailing nokia to which the latter replied but i still cannot redownload it…please help..thank you!

  • innocent k

    ovi store is not available in my area , what do i do to download the facebook widget file for n97???

  • Tanja


  • pntu213

    how can i like others post?

  • Mirtshadow


  • Thegunner08


  • ga4olino


  • Abduhashimi

    tank you very very much

  • Adel barca

    tank you men