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Did Nokia Mention The N8 is A Computer? Keyboard and Mouse Support!

Nokia never mentioned the Nokia N8 was a computer, I mean, they do refer to Nseries devices as ”Mobile Computers” but they never showed what you are about to see. Before, ”Mobile Computers” meant, of course, powerful mobile devices, but Nokia hasn’t mentioned that the N8 actually supports Bluetooth Mouse + Keyboard + HDMI out, which together make the N8 what everyone calls ”a computer.”

How amazing is that?! I supposed that when Michael finished connecting the mouse he would use it to scroll just like you would do with a D-Pad, but I never expected to see a full working cursor! The possibilities with this are just endless, what about connecting your N8 to an HD screen, aside from the Bluetooth Mouse and Keyboard? What you have there is a computer, plain and simple, you can do everything! But I am specially intrigued about the web browsing, which he didn’t show, and Fring videocalls. The N8 is a great smartphone, lets hope that Nokia fixes the Software in this remaining weeks so we can finally have a ”something killer” in out hands.

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